Why buy through an Autodesk Authorised Partner?

If you are starting a new business or a new project, then you will want the best people on your team. Partners that are committed to your success and are with you for the long haul. You’ll want people who are on your side, will open your mind to new possibilities, who will challenge and support you to get the best outcomes. You’ll want someone who in near-by and can support you quickly. 

Autodesk Authorised Partners come in all shapes and sizes – selecting the one that’s right for you will help you reach your goals faster, more economically and help your over-deliver to your customers.

All Autodesk Authorised Partners have to go through an authorisation process to make sure they have the skills and know-how to help you get the most out of your investment. Look out for the Platinum, Gold and Specialised Reseller logo – it will alert you to their size and skill set. These authorisations are reviewed annually.

Autodesk offers solutions in key markets: AEC, Manufacturing, or Media and Entertainment. Make sure that the Autodesk Authorised Partner you select has the deep expertise you need and can offer relevant customer success references. Then, you’ll get access to a wealth of experienced dedicated staff that understand your business to give you complete peace of mind when finding your perfect Autodesk solution. Some Partners have their own add-on solutions that can be even more tailored to your needs. 

When it comes to receiving a quotation, Autodesk Authorised Partners have access to the full Autodesk portfolio, with some limited exceptions. They will be able to provide you with a clear quotation showing 1-year and 3-year Autodesk subscription options, highlighting any promotions or savings available. In addition, they can offer the required training, support and consultancy options you need to deliver your project. Finally, they can offer you the IT platform you need, a combination of workstations with on-premises or cloud storage options that are managed and secure, which can be purchased outright or as-a-service over time. They will look at how best to finance this investment with you. 

Once you have purchased and installed your solution, Autodesk Authorised Partners will keep you informed about the life of you subscription and of when you need to renew. They will help you optimise or expand your subscriptions over time and will keep you up to date with relevant news and promotions.

When selecting your Authorised Autodesk Partner, these are questions to ask yourself:

•    Looking at their website, do they promote the Autodesk software solutions for my industry?
•    Do they have customer user stories that are relevant to me?
•    Have they customer reference s that show a strong, proven customer satisfaction record?
•    Are they based locally to me?
•    When I contacted them, did they respond in a timely and knowledgeable way?
•    Did they investigate and understand my needs?
•    Did they offer a clear and comprehensive quotation covering software, training, support and consultancy and the IT platform as requested?
•    Did they offer tailor-made financing and payment options?

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