Unlock the Power of a Centralized Source of Truth with BIM Collaborate Pro

Embracing the Digital Transformation era has led to an exponential increase in project data within the AEC industry.

As the information grows, so does the need for organisations to effectively use their data to enhance project efficiency, streamline communication, elevate quality, minimise waste, and ensure successful building operations. 

In their upcoming webinar, Autodesk product experts delve into the transformative potential of a Centralized Source of Truth, exploring the key capabilities, workflows, and best practices that project teams can implement with BIM Collaborate Pro.

  • Unlock the full potential of BIM Collaborate Pro - effortlessly access and manage your project information. 
  • Harness the capabilities of Autodesk Bridge - access and share project information across multiple projects and hub. 
  • Consolidate your data from various sources - generate valuable insights that inform and guide your decision-making processes. 

Don't miss an opportunity to learn how to harness the power of a Centralized Source of Truth with BIM Collaborate Pro.

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